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Nothing on earth brings me more joy than to see the appreciative smile on my audience's face. We have been in business for 10 years performing professionally on-stages for weddings, parties, corporate events of all kinds in Vancouver. We were recognized as one of the top music entertainment in Vancouver; when it comes to party time, the Phonix Band is always one of the first band that comes to mind. 

So you're telling me that a company that has always been associated with weddings and event music decided to branch off into the photo booth service? 

In the 10 years that we've been together, THE PHONIX BAND went from featuring only the 9-piece Funk Soul R&B dance band to offering everything from String Quartet, Harpist, DJ's, Jazz Quartet, and even live audio-visual for events. We were doing very well with our music business and our customers were happy, we event built the Back On Stage App, but we always felt that we could offer them more! 

The time felt right to expand our reach beyond just music-related services.

We want to create a one-stop service for our clients that is well-rounded in terms of giving them a night to remember. We supposed that the event entertainment industry can be divided into two components: Featured entertainment and Background entertainment.   


Featured entertainments are anything from dance bands, DJs, string trio to jugglers, magicians, and firebreathers. Performances that are eyecatching and jaw-droppingly exciting to watch. Whereas Background entertainments are activities that guests participate in throughout the event. Services such as AV set up, catering, decoration, and photobooth.  

phonix services.png

The Phonix, being a music company, is an expert in the field of featured entertainment. But we would love to offer our clients an event experience that is more than just "seeing a show". With that thought, we looked around the event industry to see if there are any services we could revitalize with our expertise in performance. 


The Photobooth service seems like the perfect fit for us! On one hand, it has always been treated as a rental service... something you put at a corner at the event and forget about it for the rest of the night, much like a furniture rental; on the other hand, it gives us the perfect opportunity to funnel our expertise and creativity into creating something new for a new audience... to create a new show, so to speak.

If you've been to an event in the last little while, you have probably seen a Photo Booth in one way or another. Chances are the Booth service that you saw involve the photo booth itself and a guy standing next to it... doing just that... standing. 

Now, that's not a lot of fun, is it? You host an event, you wanted to create an experience for your guest and a memory of a lifetime.  You want them to feel entertained and you want them to remember you for the rest of their lives. 

A guy standing next to a camera is not very memorable, not very exciting, and definitely would not leave a lasting impression. It's something anyone with a cellphone can do... we call that taking a selfie.

However, if the said guy next to the camera can put on a show and make the whole experience interesting... then all of a sudden the rental service turns into an entertainment service. Now, we can do that very well.

phonix photo booth rentals

It's never about the instrument, but how do use it. Musicians are the perfect event entertainer because we know how to talk to people, we know how to present ourselves, and we know how to be your best friend... for that 30 seconds that you're at the booth. This is something that will keep guests coming back to the booth experience over and over again at the event.


Most importantly, we are NOT photobooth guys... we're entertainers turned photobooth guys.

As event pros, we don't want to just do well with what we've got, we want to be a part of an ever-evolving industry and to shape where the industry is going

Have you seen us in action yet?

Check out our blogs and service page to see how we can make a difference at your event.

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