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Be it a wedding, corporate party or special occasion, it's always a good time to celebrate with your friend, family and... (yea... why not) co-workers. You see them everyday work, but what you didn't know was that they're your co-workers by day... and The Avengers by night.

Photo booth props are the standard protocols for any self-respecting photo booth services nowadays. No matter your age, sex, or video game preferences, you can't help to dig into that treasure box at the booth. Here are some common must-have for photobooth props: 1) Masks: Masks are awesome, but they actually play a more important role than being just a prop.

Not only do they serve their obvious function as basic facial disguises, but they also take up symbolic meaning that serves to amplify the wearers' alter ego. In some cultures, they are the physical embodiments of certain spirits and characters that whoever puts them on would take up the personality of the mask. In a sense, putting a mask on covers who you are. You can now become anyone you want, anyone you dream of. You can party to your heart's content and still be okay.

So Mike from accounting is no longer Mike from accounting! He IS Ironman! At least, while he's at the photobooth session.

2) Wigs:

We've always wanted to try on a new hairstyle but are too afraid to actually go for it. Why? because it take super long to grow those killer bangs and you just don't have the energy to worry about bad hair days for the next 3 weeks.

Put on a wig and all of a sudden you are a blonde, a brunette, a circus clown, or a Chinese guy with an Afro! It changes the contour of your face, your personality and your mood all at the same time. It's an indispensable piece of photo booth prop in our treasure box.

3) Accessories:

Where would Thor be without his Mjölnir? The same goes for the Incredible Hulk without his Hulk Hands. Accessories are essential to completing your character's photobooth look. Anything from funky oversized glasses to giant neckties, or prop signs that says "OMG" and "I'm Single", or even life-size cut out of your family member... and then you put props on them!! (I'm not kidding, we've actually done that at a photo booth gig.)

life size cutout photobooth prop
What?!? Life size cutout photobooth prop?!

4) Digital props

Come on, it's the 21st Centuries, everything is hi-tech... so should your photo booth props! There are just some things that are hard to lug around to a photobooth gig, and there are things that are hard to create for clients who prefer custom made props. (Yes, we custom make a lot of our props)

Unleash your creativity, take a picture at the magic mirror photo booth and then sign and draw on it with your fingers. Afterward, why not drag and drop a couple of props straight onto the screen. You can have anything you want.

Digital photobooth props
Digital Photobooth Props!

Do you want a pair of googly eyes? You got it. A martini (shaken, not stirred)? Yup. How about a #1 ribbon to pin on your best buddy? Oh Yeah! Your imagination is the limit. We can create custom made photo booth props just for your event. Let us know what you want, let's have some fun!


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