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Mirror Booth vs Digital Booth

A mirror photobooth features a DSLR camera mounted behind the optical illusion of a one way mirror, and users can take photos by pressing touching the mirror. It has a built-in photo studio flash that illuminates each picture giving you a "magazine photo shoot" quality picture every shot. As far as layout design, the sky is the limit as its software is able to adapt to the graphics designer's creativity. You will also be able to draw and add digital props on your picture.

A digital photobooth, on the other hand, is a photobooth that uses a digital camera to take photos. The photos are displayed on a digital screen and users can view them and choose to print them or share them digitally. For layout designs, the software comes with a few templates for where the "photo windows" go, but the graphic designer can still design around the windows to make every event uniquely yours. You can also design the startup animation and the LED ring to match your event.

It really comes down to your personal taste for event entertainment - Do you want a more elegant look? or modern aesthetic? Do you want more customization? or Do you want a slightly better picture quality? Do you have a space limitation at your event?

What would you like for your event? Mirror booth or the Digital booth?

We're here to help! :D

Let us know here:

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